For any questions, please use the following address:

    I handle all of the mail by myself, which nowadays is rare for an artist. Personally, I think it is part of an artist's work, and when someone expresses a sincere interest in my work and sends support, and/or has a particular request, it would be indecent to send an automated message in return.

    Usually, I reply to everything, unless it is offensive (which fortunately, almost never happens!).

    But please, understand that due to the fact that I have been working as Vordb for now almost three decades, my work is known worldwide, and consequently, I may receive a huge amount of mail! Currently, this can take me from 2 to 4 hours a day, and leaves me with little time for creation... Although I do this as willingly and conscientiously as I can, I cannot do more. Creation is and should remain my main activity as an artist; therefore, the time it may take to reply might vary from a few hours or days, to a few months, depending on my availability and of the mail content.

    In any case, please be patient, and understanding.



    Kim Dace (correction).